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Total Compensation Program Design

Pay and Benefits:

The Foundation to


Performance and


We take a creative approach to the use of pay and benefits to optimize performance and learning.  For the 21st century employee, the salary they receive for the work they do is just one element of competitive a pay program:  health benefits that support wellness at and outside of work, work/life programs that encourage a focus on results; not just hours logged and support for their financial well-being are examples of total compensation program essentials for today’s employee.

We guide you through the development of a customized total rewards program, aligned with your organization's needs.  Our base pay program design approach focuses on establishing your competitive position in the market, so that you have the data and tools to offer salaries that attract and retain top talent.  When you are ready to consider options beyond base pay, we design variable pay plans, providing a full range of options, from annual incentive plans to project incentives, spot awards and team incentives.  We consider all aspects of your benefit plan design and to ensure it is working in tandem with payThese approaches, coupled with the development of customized administration and communications tools, ensure you reward the right contributions to your company and demonstrate to your employees their value in your organization.

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