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Performance Management Program Design

Align performance and development to maximize contribution and growth . . .


Re-engineering Goal-Setting . . .

Effective performance management (PM) begins with effective goal-setting.  We design PM systems that incorporate results-focused approaches to setting goals, identifying measurable work targets that maximize your team members' best skills and abilities.




Building a "Coaching Culture . . ."

"One and done" performance discussions at the end of a year is an obsolete practice.  We design PM systems which prioritize regular discussions about the work (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly), which focus on how your team members are using their skills and abilities to get that work done. 


Personalizing Development . . .


The most effective growth and development efforts are those tailored to the professional.  We use behavioral assessments and individual development plans (IDPs) to give our clients the tools to create learning and development experiences specific to each team member's needs.

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