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Organizational Effectiveness Advisory Services

Create a work culture that supports your employees' performance, growth and engagement . . .


Organizational Assessment

Are you confident the right roles exist in your organization and whether their responsibilities are aligned with your strategy?  Is your organization venturing into a new program area or product market and need to identify the right talent to support the success of these new efforts?  We use listening sessions and targeted assessments to understand the roles in your organization and find the best way to structure the responsibilities of your positions for optimal impact.


Competency Modeling

Are your employees clear about what it takes to succeed in your organization?

Identifying and establishing "success behaviors," using leading-edge behavioral competency modeling tools, lays a strong foundation for talent selection, employee development and performance assessment.


Employee Engagement Surveys

Do your employees feel valued?  Do they understand your organization's strategy?  Can they see how their work fits into the bigger organizational picture?  Do the pay and benefits you offer support them where they are in their lives at the moment?  An employee engagement survey can help answer these questions and provide leadership with valuable insights to help your team members feel more connected to your organization

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